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Athens Plow Company was founded in 1921 by Elbert L. Willson and was managed by William P. Willson and James H. Willson until being sold to Rhino Products in 1973. William L. Willson, the grandson of Elbert Willson, stayed on as Plant Manager for Servis-Rhino. Rhino then moved the Athens operations to Dallas, TX in 1985. Just three years later, in 1988, the Alamo Group decided to get out of the tillage equipment business. By then, the plant in Athens, TN had been closed and production moved first to Dallas and then to Holton, Kansas, where Alamo's BMB manufacturing operation was located. William Willson saw an opportunity he could not pass on. He and a few investors in the Athens area bought the business and trucked everything back to Athens, where the facility had been vacant for several years. Willson purchased the old plant and began operating in the spring of 1988.


ATHENS currently manufactures 22 different models of tillage tools out of the original Athens, Tennessee plant including a chisel plow, levee plow, and a wide variety of disc harrows. Striving to maintain a continuing commitment to service, ATHENS offers an availability and quality that cannot be matched. With very few exceptions, an order placed for a disc harrow is shipped within 24-48 hours. The inventory we warehouse for our farm equipment dealers across the United States has positioned ATHENS as one of the few, if not the only, tillage company with immediate availability. If you desire person-to-person communication, unmatched availability, and a quality product, make ATHENS your tillage choice.

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